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Patient Stories


“I often refer to myself as Dr. Orbuch’s favorite patient, but over the 9 years that he’s been my doctor, I’ve come to realize he treats all his patients the same…as important people, not just charts filled with test results, prescriptions and insurance information.

As someone with a chronic disease, I’ve seen dozens of doctors. At the time I was referred to Dr. Orbuch, I was at my weakest state– physically and emotionally debilitated by a severe flare up of my crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis. I didn’t need another doctor to treat me like a number, I needed a knowledgeable professional who cared enough about my well-being to guide me back to health. That’s what I found in Dr. Orbuch.

He listens to you instead of talking at you. He sees that you’re more than your symptoms and is committed to helping his patients live happy, healthy lives.

Don’t pick some random GI doctor from your insurance list. He’s a great doctor, a caring professional, and somehow has managed to make me laugh during some of the most difficult times in my life. I’m a person of my word, and I would refer even my family and closest friends to Dr. Orbuch. He’s not a miracle worker, he’s a dedicated doctor who cares.”

-Michaelyn E.


“When I first saw Dr. Orbuch I was in an incredibly sick state and it was thanks to his aggressive approach in diagnosing and treating me that I was able to bounce back in a short amount of time. Since then he has checked up on me regularly and has taken the time and effort to help me out immediately when any concerns arise. Thanks to his fast acting approach and easy accessibility, I’ve been maintaining good health for several years now.”



“Dr. Orbuch is an excellent doctor and I would recommend him unconditionally! He really cares and despite all the pressure on doctors today, is in medicine for all the right reason, putting patient care above any financial incentives. Dr. Orbuch has provided outstanding medical care to me and my family on countless occassions. For instance, he has recently provided sound advice to my husband and I when our 4 year old son had a rectal prolapse (even though he does not specialize in pediatrics). Most

doctors would never give such medical advice for fear of litigation given the malpractice environment in our country. Most people really don’t understand all the financial challenges underlying the medical profession today yet demand so much of their providers. As a finance person, I myself would never recommend that anyone go into medicine for financial reasons. But having a husband and brother as physicians, I can understand why some people choose this profession. These are the people that you want to entrust your care to when you or someone you love are sick. It truly requires dedication and really challenges any other profession in terms of the vigor that is required of these people.”

-Hayley X.

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